Welcome to Altenburg, the town of playing cards!

Altenburg is world-famous as a town where playing cards are made. Anyone playing cards in Germany will probably be handling a product from Altenburg. But Altenburg has a lot more to offer than just playing cards. The former royal residence is rich in places of interests, headed by the castle on a crag rearing above the town. Along with lovingly restored buildings, there are parks just waiting to be discovered, such as the Green Oasis by the Great Pond. Surely no-one has ever regretted a visit to Altenburg and many visitors fall in love with the town and return again and again. Have a look for yourself: the following website provides up-to-the-minute information on Altenburg and a wealth of facts about its history.

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Castle and Playing Card Museum "Goldener Pflug" - Large-scale venue for sports and cultural events