Altenburg Skat Fountain

The Skat Fountain was built in 1903 in honour of the game of Skat invented in Altenburg by lovers of card games between 1810 and 1815. It is the only monument dedicated to Skat.

On a stone base, four jacks are brawling in excited enjoyment of a game. Whereas the jack of spades has already wrestled down the jack of hearts and the jack of diamonds, the jack of clubs, which is so important in Skat, gives him the decisive blow to win the trick.

In the confusion of the Second World War, the bronze jacks, the pigs' heads and the iron fence around the fountain were melted down.

It was not until 1955 that the sculptures could be replaced thanks to a citizens' action group but no substitute for the iron fencing was built. In the years that followed, time had a ravaging effect on the Skat Fountain. But not until after the reunification of Germany was a large-scale restoration of the Altenburg landmark undertaken, thanks to donations from the German Skat Society and the State Office for Preservation of Monuments, supported by Altenburg Town Council and many Skat lovers.

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