Altenburg's Twin Towns

Whereas Altenburg has been twinned with Offenburg since 1987, international contacts with the Swiss town of Olten were not established until 1993.

The links with Zlin (called Gottwaldow between 1949 and 1990) were already established during the era of the GDR, particularly in the sporting, school and cultural sectors, and were revived again in 1994. In May 1997, official twinning with Zlin was confirmed.

The twinning of towns aims to promote relations at human, cultural and economic levels and, above all, to bring young people together in a spirit of international understanding.

photo of Offenburg Offenburg

Twin town of Offenburg

Offenburg, lying between the sunny vine-growing slopes of the Black Forest mountains and the equally favoured Rhine valley, is far from being a big city like nearby Strasbourg. But with its 50,000 residents, it is a financial centre and a town of schools and public authorities.

The town set its course for expansion as an industrial centre in good time and new trading and industrial estates were built. Offenburg is also the location of a training centre of the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, a Technology Park has been created to support the region’s businesses in the process of technological change.

photo of Olten Olten

Twin town of Olten

The central position of the Swiss town of Olten is the basis for its economic development and for its significance in traffic and transport. Olten is situated on the River Aare and belongs to the canton of Solothurn.

Long ago, the ancient Romans recognised the significance of this ideal location at the cross-roads of international routes from East to West and from North to South.

As a result, the old part of Olten today still stands in the very same place as the former Roman settlement. And it is typical that the first mention of Olten in records dating from 1295 is associated with traffic routes, namely with the covered "Old Bridge".

photo of Zlin Zlin

Twin town of Zlín

The town of Zlín is situated in the south-east of the Czech Republic. With its modern architecture, lush green parks and wide avenues, Zlin gives the impression of being a garden town. But at the same time, it has historic roots going back more than seven centuries.

The town is a combination of three historic periods of town planning, starting from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque and extending to the modern and primarily functionalist architecture of the Twenties and Thirties. In 1990, the town was awarded the status of a protected conservation area.

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